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1. Green Land Est for Agricultural services was established in Jordan in 1987 for trading in Agricultural materials in general, and specialized in High quality vegetable seeds, pesticides and fertilizers.

2. 32 years of experience lead by proficient agronomist Mr. Mohammed Darawi who’s an expert in agricultural sector; made Green Land Est one of the leading companies in Jordan and in the region as it is well known as the mark of difference and quality.

3. Green Land Est represents more than 40 International suppliers of agricultural materials in Jordan and in the region.

4. Green Land serves the Jordanian farmers and agricultural market by professional staff of agronomists who are navigate to reach all farmers in location; also it serves most active spots by its shops spread in different areas.

5. Green Land owns its private trial station in Jordan Valley for research and development, where all trials are taking place to choose the right products; best seeds varieties and most effective fertilizers and pesticides.

6. Green Land Est expanded through years to many countries; it opened its own offices/subsidiaries in Iraq, Palestine, Saudi, UAE and Egypt, In addition to its presence in Syria, Lebanon, Gulf Countries and North Africa through partners;

7. Green Land is one of group of companies and considered the owner for other different active companies in the market also shareholder in other ; such as ;
Alanfal for Fertilizers Industry (AFICO); established in 2006 in Jordan.
Agro Care for vegetable seeds; established in 2011 in Jordan.
Green Tech for Pest control and Landscaping Co.; it started in 2017.

8. Green Land considered one of the most reliable and most successful companies in Jordan and becomes one of the main sources for high quality Agri- inputs products.

9. Followed by what was mentioned about Green Land and its subsidiaries and affiliates; it is obviously clear that it offered farmers products of the highest quality and offered them the knowledge and experience in the field of agricultural and it takes its position as one of the top companies in Jordan and Middle East.




















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